Hi, I am Lāsma Poļikeviča, 

personal and professional development coach (ACC)

I sincerely believe that we all can have the life we really want. There are no limits to our possibilities, you can be, get and do whatever you desire. As you find your way through obstacles, confusion and fear, you can enjoy life in its full glory, see and seize opportunities and experience moments that remain in your memory.

My way

My adventurous journey to the tops of my life began when, for the first time in my life, I decided to indulge in a great challenge and at the same time an opportunity to work at school and develop my leadership skills in the Teach for All program. I gained unique experience in developing my personality, getting knowledge about people's learning processes, planning and much more... But I didn't stop there, I knew that I had more to learn.

I returned to the business environment, where I polished my strengths and developed my weaknesses. Meeting new people, setting new goals and enhancing personal development. It's all about me, just something was missing. The sense of the mission of my life, yes! The more I got to know myself, the more I realized that I have the talent to work with people, increase positive energy and help others to find their own way, being aware of their talents and gaining fulfillment from what they do.

It is the knowledge and skills acquired in coaching that strengthen my confidence in life and what I want to give to the world and to you! Be the creator of your life and allow yourself to be and live the life you deserve.

If you want to know how I can support you, please contact me and I will be happy to answer your questions!

Lasma Polikevica, personal and professional development coach

Lāsma Poļikeviča, ACC coach

Professional experience

⋆ The member of International Coaching Federation (ICF Global and ICF Latvia)
⋆ 2+ years experience in individual and team coaching
⋆ 2+ years experience in creating and conducting training for groups for personal development and for teachers for professional development
⋆ 2 years experience as a teacher in leadership program "Teach for All" (in Latvia - “Mission Possible“
⋆ 6+ years experience in key account management, sales and marketing

Education and certificates

⋆ Psychology studies (2020-2023)
⋆ Professional Coach - ACC (Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation)
⋆ Certified Team Coach (High Performance Team Coaching, Erickson Coaching International)
⋆ The Art & Science of Mindfulness (Erickson Coaching International)
⋆ Professional Bachelor degree in entrepreneurship and management (Riga Technical University)