We each have light inside of us. You are born with unique talents, desires and motivation. In coaching sessions, you will discover how to use your inner strength to your advantage so that your daily life is more fulfilled. With the help of various questions and techniques, my clients reconnect with their true nature, gain courage, self-confidence and realize dreams in their life.

How does it work

The coach takes a neutral position and does not give advice, but is present, gives time and space to listen to yourself. The coach asks questions and returns what you have said so that at the end of the session you have more clarity, new insights and concrete action steps towards your goal.


Lasma Polikevica | personal and professional development coach


Clarity about what you want - defined goals, priorities.

Self-confidence and supporting resources.

⋆ Strategies for overcoming obstacles.

⋆ Plan how to achieve the goals.

⋆ Motivation and courage to act.

⋆ Balance between different areas of life and a sense of fulfillment.

⋆ View from different perspectives and new opportunities.

⋆ Higher productivity.

⋆ New insights about yourself as a person.


Value can also be gained from one coaching session, however, 6-10 sessions are needed to achieve bigger goals and get stable desired results.

Duration of one session: 1 hour

⋆ Coaching sessions take place online (Zoom).

⋆ At the first meeting, we usually agree on the type of cooperation, principles, duration of the cooperation and the result - what goal are you striving to achieve.

⋆ At the beginning of each subsequent session, we agree on the best result for you. The goal is set, opportunities are sought, the next steps are planned to navigate to the desired goal.

⋆ The conversations are completely confidential.

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I will answer your questions and briefly discuss your goals, obstacles and how coaching can support you on your way to those goals. Feel free to write your message below and I will contact you within one business day.